2017 Annual Meeting

Thank you all for coming to the 2017 Makarios Annual Meeting. This was one of the largest turnouts that we have had in recent history! It was unfortunate with the lockout at City Hall, but are glad that everyone was able to join us at the Coastal Realty Conference Room. Next year, Coastal Realty is expanding their conferencing center, so we should be able to schedule all meetings in the conference room going forward.

With all of this being said, the Board of Directors would like to apologize for allowing a few owners to monopolize the meeting. Should anyone feel like they did not get an opportunity to speak due to this behavior, please know that the Board and Management welcomes your comments. Please email Jamie with anything additional you would like to bring up. In the future, all owner comments will be limited to 3 minutes in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. It is our hope that this guideline will better allow everyone the opportunity to speak.

 Thank you again for coming and we hope to see you at the 2018 Budget Workshop to be held on October 19th at 10 AM at Coastal Realty.

DRAFT Annual Meeting Minutes 2017