Makarios Parking: Note from the Board

Legal parking is available in driveways and grey visitor spots. Signs posted throughout the property advise that vehicles parked on grass or roadway are subject to towing without notice.

Per Makarios Rules parked vehicles must not obstruct common areas such as sidewalks and driveways and are subject to fines if they do so. Please be sure your vehicle is parked properly within the confines of the parking space.

Vehicles belonging to vendors working on Makarios property, such as landscapers, painters, gutter cleaners etc must park along the street during the day. If you are expecting a vendor to visit your unit, please make room in your driveway if possible so they will not have to add to the street parking.

Every unit has parking for 2 vehicles in garage and driveway. Please use these spaces so that guest spaces are available for visitors.

Please be sure that your tenants and visitors are advised of the rules.

Common courtesy and consideration for your neighbor will go a long way towards solving parking issues.