Safety Issues discussed at the April Board Meeting:

Pond Trespassing…Recently several people have climbed over the fence around the north pond. The fence is there for safety reasons and no one should ever be climbing on it or entering the pond enclosure. No Trespassing signs have been ordered for both ponds.

Dog Behavior…Reminder to dog owners that dogs must be leashed at all times outside the unit, the collar should be secure so the dog cannot slip out of it, the leash should be short enough for the owner to maintain control.  Do not allow the dog to approach other dogs or people without permission. Everyone walking on Makarios property, with or without a dog, day or night, should feel safe and comfortable. The fine for dogs off leash is $75 for each occurrence.

Pool Rules…Please, no spitting in or around pool, no diving, no running, and do not jump or splash around others. Eating or drinking is not allowed in the pool or at the edge…please keep food and drinks on the tables. Please read the health department regulations posted at the gate. We are all responsible for keeping our pool area clean and attractive so please put down umbrellas, straighten up furniture and dispose of any trash when you leave.


  • A reminder that it is the owner’s responsibility to be sure renters and guests know the rules and abide by them.