Makarios Pool Safety

Pool season is here! More children will soon be visiting for the summer, and families are sure to be visiting the Makarios pool more often.  We want families to enjoy the pool – that’s why we’re providing some simple reminders to prepare for the pool season.

Observe all pool rules.

Be mindful of other swimmers

Children must be supervised by an adult and non-swimmers must be in reach of an adult at all times.

Children need to be reminded of the posted rules and stress “No Diving,” “No Rough Play,” “Walk, Don’t Run,” and “Stay Away from Pool Drains and Rescue & Equipment, such as a life ring”
Please remember to practice social distancing at all times in Pool Area.

If it is observed that social distancing is not being maintained the pool may be deemed unsafe and closed.

Safely enjoy the pool area at Makarios and have a great Fourth of July!

Maria Armesto, CAM