10-5-2020 Annual Owners Meeting Notes

 Annual owners meeting held October 5, 2020 at 530pm had 93 owners present in person or by proxy; this includes all members of the Board and 16 owners via Zoom. All owners received the packet previous to the meeting.

We approved the Outstanding Meeting Minutes as written with one edit; October 9, 2019 changed to October 9, 2018. Stacy Boehm presented a year in review, Wanda Schodlatz updated us on the financials, and Stacy read Randy Overbeck’s social/pool committee report. There was no old business to discuss. New business included the announcement of the 2021 Board, welcoming Michele Gledhill and thanking Monika Boutwell for her time.

Owner comments included: inquiring about the % of rentals vs the  % of owners in Makarios, request for meeting minutes to be more detailed, and concern for the new street lights.