• David Gile, engineer, is expected to provide the completed plans and contract documents by end of month.
  • Makarios board will convene in a Special Mtg to discuss ongoing issues with Lawn Salon.
  • Board has voted to amend Rules and Regulations to reflect:
  1. Fines for any owner and the tenant in a short term rental will be set at $100.00 a day up to $1,000.00 per incident. Short term rental is not allowed as per our condominium documents.
  2. Language is being added to specify the exact door hardware already included condominium documents. Any Front Door hardware that has erroneously been replaced will not need to be removed, however, going forward all units may only install the Kwikset Arlington Handset with Lido lever in Antique Brass. If a keypad is installed it must also be Antique Brass. A unit modification form is to be completed and if adding a keyless entry a picture must accompany request.