Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm and 109 owners were in attendance, present or by proxy.  

Michel Gledhill gave an overview of this past year’s events and a preview of projects planned for 2023, most notably, the bulkhead replacement and much needed landscaping. Maria Armesto gave the manager’s report citing projects that have been completed this year.  Cathy Savarese presented the current financials and overview of needed assessment for bulkhead replacement. Randy Overbeck reported for the Social Committee. Wanda Schodlatz and Joe Ciliberti were introduced as new members of the board. 

Owner comments included concern about the landscaping- there was mention of the squares in front of buildings, tree stump removal, and an oak tree removal request. The bulkhead project was also broached. Cost of the project (approximately $936,900) and duration, (early December 2022 to start and June 2023 end).  Owner requested more notice be given for projects that require items be removed or covered on lanais and patios, that directory include phone numbers and emails of owners (management stated statute does not allow, unless we had owner permission to do so) and owner would like to communicate directly with Board. (Board members are volunteers they prefer all communications go through management) Owner claimed there should be more transparency, (all decisions are made in open mtgs, and minutes are posted). An owner request was made to change the time for putting out trash. An owner requested other owners support him with his wanting to meet with 2 board members one on one to discuss concerns related to following the governing documents and Florida Statutes.   No owners present expressed support in the conference rm nor on zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:23pm.