Down to Earth Landscaping provided an overview of the company and its services. The Board and vendor discussed proposals for the design of the squares. These designs were explained and ways to customize for Makarios needs were discussed. Further discussions will be scheduled to finalize what Makarios needs and wants.

Times for putting out garbage cans and recycling again was discussed. It was decided that management will send out a survey to all owners with a choice of times. Again, the issue of plastic bags not in refuse containers was discussed. Warnings and fines will continue for owners that continue to put these bags on the street.

The board discussed the four bids for a new landscaping contract for Makarios, Lawn Salon’s contract end April 2023. By unanimous decision, Down to Earth Landscaping will be given the Landscape Maintenance Service contract for the 2023/2024 yr.

Road signs on Makarios property will all have black post sleeves. The schedule for BOD Meetings was established.

Owner Comments
Use of Ring doorbells was brought up again. Reasonable Expectation of Privacy is the legal opinion as to why condominium associations should not approve these devices, as neighbors’ visitors and conversations can be recorded.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:25.