Makarios Mtg Summary 2.21.23

Results of the survey sent to owners were discussed. 53% of owners responded. The time that owners are able to put refuse out has been changed to 4:00 pm on the day before trash pickup. Again, owners are reminded not to put plastic bags on the street, the must be in a trash bin. Also, all trash bins need a lid.

Down to Earth did submit plans for review for the large squares. The board is working with them to finalize the design.

P&G are ahead of schedule on the bulkhead replacement project.

The expense for the heater replacement was approved. The heater is scheduled to be replaced on Feb. 28, 2023.

Repairs for unit 1607 back lanai were also approved.

Owners Comments
An owner questioned why the speed signs that are posted with piping have not been changed. The black sleeves for the signs have been ordered once they arrive they will be replaced.

The same owner has concerns about Makarios emails being used for something other than Makarios business.

Another owner brought to the attention of the board gaps in the berm near their building.

One owner wanted to know how the large stain was made on the roadway and
will it be removed. Pressure washing did not work and the Board is looking into other options.

Owners also had feedback on the landscape design as to the hardiness of two plants suggested by Down to Earth,