Makarios BOD Mtg Summary 3.21.23

Old Business

Down to Earth Landscaping will begin May 1, 2023. The board has decided that work on the squares will precede from the front entrance since these are the oldest areas. Work will then proceed toward the back of the property as we are able to do so. The palm trees that were destroyed by lightning will be replaced at the 1100 building. The board is close to a final approval for square designs. Cost of the palm trees was approved. Mulch is still under discussion.  P&G continues making good progress with the bulkhead.

New Business

Fire extinguishers will be inspected on March 29th. All owners must put their extinguishers out by the front door early in the morning. The board is getting a quote for dryer vent cleaning. Maria Armesto will let owners know when this is set up and how owners will be able to get their vents cleaned with this company if they wish. The board ratified the application for door hardware of Unit 1757.

Owners Comments

Owners commented upon using pine bark mulch in the squares and pine straw mulch at the back of the buildings as a cost savings, this is what the community has done in the past. The gap in the hedges at the north gate was also mentioned again. Down to Earth was sent the pictures of this area. Owners also gave feedback as to the hardiness of one of the plants under discussion. Concerns about unevenness of some pavers were also mentioned. An owner requested that final design choices for the squares be posted for all to see.