Makarios BOD Mtg Summary 4.18.23

Two Board members met with Down to Earth landscaping to finalize the plans for the squares of the first six buildings from the front of Makarios to the mailbox. Pine straw will be put down in the back of the buildings. Down to Earth will begin work at Makarios on May 1, 2023.

Approval for the cost of squares and pine straw was approved.

The stained pavers in the street caused by a sanitation truck are looking better due to several attempts to clean this area up. It has been decided to leave this as is for the time being. The Board agreed to have the Hold Harmless agreement explored by legal.

The board will be pursuing to investment options for reserve funds that will yield higher interest rates. All members of the board agree that this is a valid point. This will be explored fully.

After a preliminary paver assessment, the Board agreed to ask for owner volunteers with engineering or architectural experience to form an advisory adhoc committee to assist in developing criteria and plans for paver maintenance and repairs.

New Business
The board was unanimous in agreeing that vehicle covers are not to be allowed at Makarios and will pursue updating the rules and regulations at the May Mtg.

The cost of the repair for the Sunshade was approved. Work will proceed when parts are in.

Owners Comments
An owner is unsure where to get door hardware that is compliant with rules and regulations. Maria suggested Amazon if they are having difficulty. Owners agree that investing the reserve monies in higher interest rates should be considered. The idea of a handyman for Makarios doing things like painting doors and such was brought up and reasons for this not being a good idea were discussed. Poor drainage behind buildings on the preserve due to Lawn Salon lawnmowers was brought up and will be explored further by the board. An owner asked why we do not get 3 bids for all projects right at the start, multiple bids are always requested.