The board voted unanimously to award the contract for bulkhead replacement to P&G Construction, Inc. and hire David Giles P.E. oversee replacement and ensure work is completed as specified in engineers plans.
Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation has been hired to refurbish the landscaping at the front entrance, the landscaping at the mailboxes (to be completed at a later date) and provide a landscape sample for the squares in front of units (using 1107 square).
These repair expenditures were approved by the board:
Pressure washing of north facing walls of Buildings 1850/1950.
Cost of roof repair for Unit 1957
A number of owners are concerned about the landscaping of the grounds at Makarios, including weeds, dead bushes and such. A question was asked about updating the information concerning the number of units being rented, how many owners live here full time and how many are part time.
Request was made to update the information on the bulletin boards. Additional comments included owners forming a committee to review board actions as they relate to the Association Documents.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:51


Old Business:
David Giles, engineer has completed his report and it has been sent to 5 companies in regard to the bulkhead. Three companies are interested in bidding for the job. Waiting for response from the others.

Lawn Salon is no longer in charge of our irrigation. Mike Menard LLC is now the company keeping our irrigation in working order.

New Business:
Treeco estimate was approved. They will be trimming trees, removing dead trees and bushes that have been earmarked by the board.

Board has received two proposals for landscaping the entrance sign and mailbox palm tree areas. This work will be discussed further at a later date.

FCC estimate for balcony repair at Unit 1007 has been approved.

Board received an owner complaint about the lack of weeding and trimming by our landscapers. Lawn Salon was contacted. Lawn Salon says both items are on the schedule for this week.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am.



  • David Gile, engineer, is expected to provide the completed plans and contract documents by end of month.
  • Makarios board will convene in a Special Mtg to discuss ongoing issues with Lawn Salon.
  • Board has voted to amend Rules and Regulations to reflect:
  1. Fines for any owner and the tenant in a short term rental will be set at $100.00 a day up to $1,000.00 per incident. Short term rental is not allowed as per our condominium documents.
  2. Language is being added to specify the exact door hardware already included condominium documents. Any Front Door hardware that has erroneously been replaced will not need to be removed, however, going forward all units may only install the Kwikset Arlington Handset with Lido lever in Antique Brass. If a keypad is installed it must also be Antique Brass. A unit modification form is to be completed and if adding a keyless entry a picture must accompany request.



8 owners attended by Zoom.

  • Purpose of the meeting was to discuss ongoing landscaping / irrigation concerns and the current contract.  
  • The Board voted to obtain a legal opinion as to the feasibility of replacing the present irrigation contractor with another due to lack of performance and overall dissatisfaction.
  • The Board approved the Palm Tree Trimming
  • Owner Comments included funding question for the bulkhead project. This will be addressed at a future date the final proposals have not been submitted as they await the engineer plans.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45.