Down to Earth Landscaping provided an overview of the company and its services. The Board and vendor discussed proposals for the design of the squares. These designs were explained and ways to customize for Makarios needs were discussed. Further discussions will be scheduled to finalize what Makarios needs and wants.

Times for putting out garbage cans and recycling again was discussed. It was decided that management will send out a survey to all owners with a choice of times. Again, the issue of plastic bags not in refuse containers was discussed. Warnings and fines will continue for owners that continue to put these bags on the street.

The board discussed the four bids for a new landscaping contract for Makarios, Lawn Salon’s contract end April 2023. By unanimous decision, Down to Earth Landscaping will be given the Landscape Maintenance Service contract for the 2023/2024 yr.

Road signs on Makarios property will all have black post sleeves. The schedule for BOD Meetings was established.

Owner Comments
Use of Ring doorbells was brought up again. Reasonable Expectation of Privacy is the legal opinion as to why condominium associations should not approve these devices, as neighbors’ visitors and conversations can be recorded.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:25.


·        P & G will begin pre construction staging November 21. Owners will receive email so that they can access the construction website for bulkhead when work has commenced. One bulletin board at the pool will also be used for construction updates.

·        The budget for 2023 was approved. Repair invoices for units 1357, 1007,1956, 1455,and 1356 were approved.

·        Two fountains for the north pond have been ordered and will be installed when bulkhead is complete.

·        Unit 1054 will have amenity privileges revoked due to outstanding fines.

·        The Social Committee announced a Holiday Brunch. It will be Saturday, December 3rd @ 10:00. Please bring a brunch item to share. Coffee will be provided. Bring extra chairs, seating is limited. No glass is allowed at the pool.

·        Saturday, November 26th at 2:00, holiday decorations will go up. It will be a scaled back event due to construction. Hopefully, the lights will be lit on December 1st,. Owners are welcome to assist in putting the decorations in place but please keep in mind less hands are needed this year.

·        One owner had comments for the board. This unit owner has concerns about events that have occurred with the past board.

·        The meeting was adjourned at 10:58am.


Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm and 109 owners were in attendance, present or by proxy.  

Michel Gledhill gave an overview of this past year’s events and a preview of projects planned for 2023, most notably, the bulkhead replacement and much needed landscaping. Maria Armesto gave the manager’s report citing projects that have been completed this year.  Cathy Savarese presented the current financials and overview of needed assessment for bulkhead replacement. Randy Overbeck reported for the Social Committee. Wanda Schodlatz and Joe Ciliberti were introduced as new members of the board. 

Owner comments included concern about the landscaping- there was mention of the squares in front of buildings, tree stump removal, and an oak tree removal request. The bulkhead project was also broached. Cost of the project (approximately $936,900) and duration, (early December 2022 to start and June 2023 end).  Owner requested more notice be given for projects that require items be removed or covered on lanais and patios, that directory include phone numbers and emails of owners (management stated statute does not allow, unless we had owner permission to do so) and owner would like to communicate directly with Board. (Board members are volunteers they prefer all communications go through management) Owner claimed there should be more transparency, (all decisions are made in open mtgs, and minutes are posted). An owner request was made to change the time for putting out trash. An owner requested other owners support him with his wanting to meet with 2 board members one on one to discuss concerns related to following the governing documents and Florida Statutes.   No owners present expressed support in the conference rm nor on zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:23pm.


The board voted unanimously to award the contract for bulkhead replacement to P&G Construction, Inc. and hire David Giles P.E. oversee replacement and ensure work is completed as specified in engineers plans.
Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation has been hired to refurbish the landscaping at the front entrance, the landscaping at the mailboxes (to be completed at a later date) and provide a landscape sample for the squares in front of units (using 1107 square).
These repair expenditures were approved by the board:
Pressure washing of north facing walls of Buildings 1850/1950.
Cost of roof repair for Unit 1957
A number of owners are concerned about the landscaping of the grounds at Makarios, including weeds, dead bushes and such. A question was asked about updating the information concerning the number of units being rented, how many owners live here full time and how many are part time.
Request was made to update the information on the bulletin boards. Additional comments included owners forming a committee to review board actions as they relate to the Association Documents.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:51