Makarios Board Mtg Summary 5/18/21

There were eight owners via zoom and one present. Fountain is scheduled for replacement May 26th. The grills are now both working. the painting project has begun for buildings 2000, 2100, 2200 and 2300. The Board approved the Palm tree trimming estimate and the estimate to install additional white rock around the ponds. The Board is now allowing the Social Committee to plan poolside events. Owner comments included palm tree trimming request to be a 9-3 cut, street signs need to be cleaned, meeting minutes and financials need updating on website for 2021.

Makarios Board Mtg. Summary 4/20/21

There were 9 owners attending the meeting on zoom. The BOD discussed and approved the North pond fountain replacement, the five year comcast contract, and a landscaping project for the SW corner of North pond. FCC is scheduled to begin the painting project for Buildings 2000, 2100, 2200 and 2300. Replacement parts for the left grill have been ordered and a request to service the grills has been sent. The Board maintains its position that at this time there will not be Board sanctioned events at the Makarios pool. Residents are welcomed to continue their gatherings at their discretion. Owner comment included the question of Internet included in Community Bulk Service, Comcast currently does not provide this service.

Makarios Board Mtg Summary 3/16/21

There were 9 owners attending the meeting on zoom. Comments from owners concerned use of the community pools.

The BOD discussed and approved FCC Bid for the painting of the last four buildings. EcoLabs scheduled to install chemical feeder at the pool Friday, March 19th. Restoration of the Makarios entrance sign was approved.

Empty, fire extinguisher canisters can be taken to the St Johns County Landfill for disposal. The termite bond inspections will continue with exterior inspection of the buildings.


Makarios Board Mtg 2/16/21 Summary

All Board members were present and by zoom as well as 8 owners.  The Board discussed and decided on Chemical Feeder for pool, Pool Operator contract, accent lights for palm tree grouping near mailboxes, fire marshal inspection/corrections and the results of grill survey to keep the area as grill and go. There were Owner comments regarding survey and entrance sign fading.