09-15-20 BOD Meeting Notes

There were 9 owners attending the meeting on zoom. Comments from owners were concerning agenda items with the addition of landscape lights needing repair. Owner provided info on the electrician who did the wiring by Makarios entrance sign and the palm trees by the mailboxes. The addition of picnic tables by grills was brought up and BOD said yes, it can be talked about at some point. Several commented regarding dog owners not picking up dog waste and leaving it the front squares. Need to also remind owners to keep dogs on a leash while on property. Pond debris was reported floating at the north end of pond, will be addressed. The budget workshop followed the meeting.

08-18-20 Makarios Board Meeting Notes

There were 9 owners present at the Meeting via Zoom.
In addition to the published agenda, owners comments included front gate access, street
lights, pond fountains and lights, lighting on the Makarios signage at the entrance, extra pavers
stored within the pool enclosure, and the grill area.
Official Meeting Minutes will be published on our website after approval at the next Board